Rapid Travel System that offers Best travel Deals?


Our clients are in Pakistan and UAE based company which offers the best deals and discounts on a wide range of travel products and services through its web application.

The extensive array of travel attractions categories and locations include Car Rental, City Tours, Parks and Safaries, Shopping Malls, Visas, Pick and Drop, Air Tickets and many more.

They are committed to offering a hassle-free and personalized experience to customers in finding the best travel deals.

They wanted a travel system which will display deals on products based on categories, locations with complete sorting functionality for the users. They wanted to collect leads using forms and manage the entire contents of the web application.

The Challenge

The purpose of the travel system was to present deals on a vast range of products and services, and at the same time, it had to be well laid out with trouble-free navigation to ease users in making choices.

The travel system had to fetch information on deals from a central server system and store them in the web application database and then categorize them appropriately.

A form was to be created to collect a set of information from the customers and help them check their eligibility to get certain deals. This information is then to be passed on to the travel system admin as lead details.

An advanced sorting functionality was to be developed upon specific parameters to make it easier to find deals. Search functionality was to be facilitated to let users find information within the web application.

A secured admin back-end interface was to be built to manage and control all the contents of the application, deals, categories, subcategories, etc.

The Solution

We offered the client a complete development and design solution comprising of Website Design and Development and Server Side Application Development.

Using our JavaScript expertise in addition to PHP Laravel, HTML5 and CSS, we built a well-ordered website layout and structure which offered easy navigation, systematic categorization of products via menus.

For better indexing, a detailed sitemap was created covering all the categories and sub-categories of the application. All the subcategories linked to the corresponding product/service pages.

For certain travel services, ‘Book Now’ call to action buttons were implemented to acquire leads. Also, an email form was implemented on all the pages to let users subscribe to newsletters related to latest and best deals.

A dynamic sorting functionality was designed based upon ‘Featured Deals’ and ‘Most Popular’ categories.

Also, a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol was effectuated on the application to secure the information of the app users.

We built a secured login admin interface which allowed the admin (the client) to access and manage all the content and pages of the web application in addition to the following:
  • Manage own account (change username/password)
  • Manage Travel Services and Tour Packages
  • Add, Edit or Delete deals
  • Marking deals as ‘Featured’ or ‘Most Popular’ via the admin panel
  • Check all available Bookings inquires
  • Manage list of newsletter subscribers and newsletter templates

Using their proficiency in PHP Laravel and JavaScript, the team designed, developed and delivered a responsive and highly functional web application tool which helped our client achieve their business objectives.

In addition to the success of the application, our dedicated hiring service model helped our client save more than 50% costs on the project.

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