We made a Stock Management System that is Fast, Reliable and Affordable


We planned to create an integrated and composite Inventory Management System.

The objective was to make it cross-platform compatible with all inventory supported browsers for both PC and Mobile devices.

We wanted to develop the application with all the good to have and the necessary features like Barcode, Product Varients, Groups, User management, Different Payment Methods and POS.

In addition to the features, we wanted the application to be fast, reliable and affordable.

The Challenge

To design, develop and integrate the existing stock, and all other options for both local and web environments.

Creating and developing the code for the web version in a way that it is easy to be integrated into any website and it takes lesser time to upgrade and maintain the application.

To create a central database for multiuser enviornments.

The Solution

We initiated our efforts with a comprehensive designing and development of the admin dashboard, system settings and POS screen. We used our HTML expertise to design an interface which looks professional and is easy to use.

An admin profile was built giving users the access to:
  • People Management
  • System Settings
  • Edit details of an user
  • Delete a user
  • Reports
  • POS Settings
  • Reset/Change Password
  • List of all groups
  • Products Categories
  • Many other options.

We developed a web based system, where users can sign-up and use system as per given permissions in their systems.

The user admin gets the access to his/her own admin section.

We updated the model embed code to a JavaScript/JSON/AJAX based code.The JavaScript code helps fetch the test scripts and create the necessary HTML elements.

In addition to all these, we also created some enhanced features in the application.

The user admins have the access to upload Product lists, set other users permissions, POS Settings.

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