How we helped our client build a unique Website for there Business?


Our client wanted a website which lets users be a part of their business.

From great experience of products details, Quality Images and interactive FAQs.

They wanted the website to let their customers connect to thethem, make appoints with them to meet, shop, dine, etc.

They wanted the website to render a seamless experience to the customers in addition to the wide spectrum of products it had to offer.

The Challenge

The website needed to be designed and developed with a wide range of options for the customers like international importers, wholesellers, drop shipping agents and manufacturers of different sectors.

A home page had to be created which would allow the customers to start off with any activity with just a tap or a click. Also, a menu system had to be designed to allow easy navigation across all the products of the website. It should let customers instantly jump to different products and services.

Search functionality had to be facilitated to let customers find information within the website.

The Solution

To begin with the project, we proposed a complete website development solution consisting of designing and developing.

We built a website, dashboard to manage settings, see emails, etc.

We designed a well equipped customer home page with every option available for the customer to quickly jump around different pages.

The Home page consists of one-click access to:
  • Products
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Social Media Links
  • Inquery, etc.

On the home page top menu, we implemented interactive drop down menus which made it easy and quick to select product categories and thus saving a few clicks and taps for the customers. We made it easier to search products, categories, subcategories by implementing a site search toolbar at the top. A consolidated dashboard was built based upon a calendar interface.

For seamless layout and application structure, we used Wordpress, HTML and CSS3.

To speed up the creation and maintenance of the application, we utilized Symphony PHP framework, and MySQL for database management.

Our dedicated development team for the project succeeded in delivering a highly functional and fluid application which became a substantial success for the client.

To add to our client’s feat, our dedicated hiring service helped them pull down the costs down by more than 50%.

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